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Disney Shimmer Princess 12 Inch Doll - Ariel The Little Mermaid With Shimmering Gown, Tiara, Necklace, And Scepter

4 Stars
Shimmer Princess 12 Inch Doll


Model: L9272
UPS: 027084543995

Shimmer Princess 12 Inch Doll brought to you by Mattel will probably be your little one's best new doll. I really loved that the item has the feature of includes: ariel the little mermaid with shimmering gown, tiara, necklace, and scepter. Other highlights include for age 3 and up and scepter can become deluxe dazzling ring. Product# 0027084543995. Shopping for the Shimmer Princess 12 Inch Doll . To get the best deal for this product as well as other Little Mermaid dolls, check out our partners via the add to shopping cart button on this site.


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