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The Little Mermaid - 13 Ariel's Longest Hair Ever Doll Set

4 Stars
Little Mermaid


Model: T7706
UPS: 027084931648

Little Mermaid , a great Little Mermaid dolls manufactured by Disney happens to be fantastic. I'm sure you will love that the product includes this feature of gift-for-girl bracelet with charms to wear and share. Other features include brush and ariel doll. Model Number T7705. The Little Mermaid dolls has got a weight of 0.44 lbs.

If you're a The Small Mermaid fan, our Disney Longest Hair Ever Doll - Ariel is for you! Girls will love playing with Ariel's ultra-long hair! Features Ariel in her signature gown with beautiful flowing hair and a brush to use on the long locks.


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